FC++: Functional Programming in C++

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Description:   FC++ is a software library which aims to facilitate the functional programming paradigm, as well as other declarative paradigms, within the C++ programming language. It provides Haskell-like functoids, lazy lists, currying, lambda, monads and more!

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POP-C++ programming system POP-C++ is a comprehensive object-oriented system for developing HPC applications on the Grid. It consists of a programming suite (language, compiler) and a run-time system for running POP-C++ applications.

Xert's SQL API MySQL API built in C++ for Windows machines, allows you to communicate with MySQL in your application without knowing anything about network programming in C++ and Windows.

Xoltar Toolkit Utility modules for Python, including functional programming support, lazy expressions and data structures, and thread pools.

side4linux side4linux is a simple IDE intended for source code programming in C, G-code and AVR/ARM Assembler with an emphasis on developing manufacturing and embedded applications. It will be developed to include simulators, PCB software, compilers etc.

C Programming Flash Cards C Flash & Reference Cards for beginners (english)(320x320) for use on Handhelds using your own image-viewer or slideshow. (Also any platform that supports viewing of JPEG images)

Digital Circuit Maker I am a student of BUET. it's my term project . the main Library "Igraphics" was provided to me for gui programming in C. it supports only Microsoft Visual C++ 6.

Evlan Evlan is a general-purpose programming language which seeks to combine functional programming, object orientation, provable code, concurrency, and a few other neat concepts into an easy and practical software development tool.

JavaUtils: Java Utilities Library JavaUtils is a library of Java utility classes and packages. Among other things, it contains utilities for functional programming. JavaUtils is partitioned into meaningful self-contained subsets that can be reused on their own.

Kataba Functions Kataba Functions provides super-fast dynamic calls to Java, and a simple idiomatic style that makes functional programming convenient and natural.

The Centum Programming Language Centum is an interpreted language that is intended to make it easy to express algorithms in, and is a hybrid between functional programming and object oriented programming. To learn more install Centum or visit the project homepage.

FC Games Goal of Free Classic Games project is create new versions of classic games like a Tetris, Pong, Pacman for modern computers. Games written in C++ and use SDL library.

FCBox FCBox is a sotware to build a special Linux Box that playsthe role of a smart router providing control over the internet access usingweb interface and some other features like sessions control,firewall and load balancing

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